My name is Amaya Espíndola and I want to share my knowledge and experience to create the best relationship with your cat you can possibly have.

An artist in every way and committed to embrace the art of medicine


Whether you’ve just adopted a cat or want to know the secrets of a good relationship with your feline companion, this guide is for you.

In it, you’ll find the essential TIPS on behaviour, enrichment, nutrition and health that you absolutely need to get you on the right path.




With this guide you will learn to:

  • How to make the right decision when adopting a cat
  • The key foundations to your cats wellbeing
  • Nutritional Tips
  • And more…




From a normal consultation to a complete and personalized method designed to holistically support you and your cat/s needs


Recommended to solve a specific issue: behavior, nutrition or health assesment



My “signature” program for working with one or more cats. Bi-weekly sessions for 3 months and continued support.



It’s an individual consultation with an extra support and ongoing follow-up for a month. 


Worsening health

When our feline companions are unwell, our world crumbles and uncertainty takes over our judgement.

We seek professional help but are often faced with fixated guidelines that are not always suitable for our cats. We want the best but we don’t know where to start or who to listen to.

Veterinary medicine has forgotten the personalised and individual considering the cat’s environment and family. My mission is to bring back the art of medicine, understanding that cats need proper diagnosis and personalised health advice.

Send me your cat’s tests or reports and I will be happy to give you my opinion.

Bonding with your Cat

Do you connect and feel that you have an unbreakable bond with your cat?  We all feel the uncertainty of change, even your cat, and that’s when we become aware of the relationship we had built with them.

The arrival of a new kitten or baby, new partners or a new home can be challenging for you and your cat(s). However, there are some situations that are not so easily perceived.

Deep down, you are the one who knows your cat the most, but we are not necessarily able to read and understand everything they are telling us. Our differences can be sorted out wit the right guidance to take the bond to a higher level.

I invite you to learn all the secrets of good communication with your cat so that you can help him in every moment of his life.

Nutrition linked to behavior and health

As strict carnivores, cats do not need carbohydrates to survive. They need a quality protein diet, without a lot of processing, that meets their individual needs, whether health or illness.

However, even if you try hard to give them real food, your cat may not want to eat it. Food is not only fuel, it also fuels how our cat responds to the environment, to our behaviour.

You may find that a natural diet is too complicated and not suitable for your hectic lifestyle.

A good diet can help with anxiety, aggression, allergies and much more. Let’s review what your cat eats and design the ideal diet for your feline companion.

Amaya Espindola


I’am Amaya and this is Felvet (since 2013)

Veterinary surgeon (MRCVS), Certified in Feline Medicine, Máster in Veterinary Nutrition and President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

Despite being a a feline veterinarian with many years of experience, as a young girl I really didn’t like cats! However, I discovered that I had a special connection with animals and cats helped me to find my true self. 

On my path as a veterinarian and artist, I discovered that there is also “art” in “science”, in every cat, and in every diagnosis. We just have to stop and listen before we take action. This translates into a unique and holistic approach to feline health and wellness that goes beyond conventional medicine.


Heart, Cat and Soul

An ongoing, individual and customised program, designed to run for a minimum of 3 months:

  • It is a path to physical and emotional health
  • Strengthens the human-cat bond
  • Restores peace to the multi-species family
  • Reconnects you to the natural world and the instinct within you
  • It is an learning experience for all the cats in your life.


All cats from the Heart Cat and Soul program experienced visible improvements and their guardians feel more empowered to face new challenges.

For now, video testimonies are in Spanish but I’m working on some new ones to be uploaded soon. Please take some time to read those beautiful words I’ve received from clients.

"After trying the HCS method more focused on behavioural therapy by natural means, with patience and dedication from everyone for 3 months, we have not only solved the family problem: we have all gained in health and quality of life. And that is priceless."

Valentina, Louis y Frida

"What I liked most about Amaya, apart from her infinite knowledge about cats and the feline world, is that she is a very approachable person, who talks to you without technicalities (like a vet) and with examples so that you can see from your cat's point of view."

Sonia Torres

"My experience with Amaya has been great, my cat Shippo was very reactive, which made him very difficult to handle. I felt lost and didn't know how to approach or manage the situation. Amaya taught me to understand and understand that his aggressiveness came from a disorder; hyperesthesia, and thanks to her guidelines, therapies and recommendations, my cat does not need conventional medication. Now Shippo is much calmer, more affectionate, he is tolerating visitors at home and he is very handsome!"

Eva Rubio

"Having three cats with such a difference in age (15.9 and 1.5 years) and getting along with each other is not easy. Since my older cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, I have turned to Amaya to help me make the transition to BARF for all three of them and get rid of the kibble once and for all. With the little one there was no problem, but with the other two it was a bit more complex. The help of an expert nutritionist is very useful".

Gerardo Barsi

"After the experiences with my cats and Amaya, I can only say thank you a thousand times, for your great professionalism and empathy as a person. She accompanied and advised us during several difficult moments, such as Moka's aggressiveness when she came home, Julian's illness, even when we didn't have the desired end she was by our side, and advising us in the subsequent adoption of Mowgly."

Yasmina Yepes

"I have three cats, Amaya has treated them through her therapies and they have improved remarkably. In particular one of them, Carey, suffers from chronic asthma and thanks to her method I have reduced the use of drugs to treat her. Recently we have introduced an adult cat -Dixie-, with behavioral problems, and little by little we are seeing improvement in her attitude towards the rest of the cats, no doubt that it works. Thank you very much Amaya for the time, love and professionalism with which you treat cats and humans."

Marisa López

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Heart Cat & Soul program last for?

The length of the program varies a lot from cat to cat, but the program is designed to be delivered over a minimum period of three months.

Can I focus only in nutrition?

Most of the time, the key to succeed on transitioning food types is taking care of behavior at the same time we are dealing with nutrition. But, if you need just nutritional support I’ve design a 1 month program just for this.

How does the free consultation works?

Once you’ve contacted me, I will schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss your case and how to proceed. It is recommended to send all lab results before the call.

Can I do a single consultation, or do you only run your program?

If we can sort the problem of your cat in one consultation, then we do one consultation instead of the whole program!

What diseases do you treat?

I work both with healthy and sick cats. The majority of cats with illnesses that I work with have renal disease, hyperthyroidism, bowel disease, lymphoma, or several of those diseases combined. 

Do you do home visits?

No, I do not do home visits or home consultations.

Contact Me

If you would like to know more about the Heart, Cat & Soul programme or arrange a free consultation to see what your cat needs help with, contact me.

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