Change Your Relationship with Your Cat

An expert-created free guide ready to bring you the fundamentals you need to ensure your cat is happy and healthy in your home and that you enjoy their company

Know Your Cat Like Never Before

Reliable information from feline-specialised integrative veterinarian that will improve your relationship with your cat and enable a healthy and long life in your home.

Confused by all the conflicting advice you can find online? Unsure about the new issues your cat is suffering from and that you can’t seem to be able to fix? Frustrated by your cat’s behaviour changes? It’s possible you’ve been doing the wrong things and making it worse without even realising.

It’s time to change that and make your relationship work again.

The Key Points to Develop a Better Relationship With Your Cat

What your cat needs for a healthier longer life and what you need to know and do to enable that.


Speak "Cat"

Most people don’t actually understand how cats communicate and most advice you get out there does not work for the majority of cats.

Create a better enviroment for your cat

Households are not prepared for cats to live in, but you can create a space that both you and your cat love.

Good Nutrition Leads to Good Health

Providing a diet that your cat wants and that gives them what they need can be really difficult and confusing.

About the Author

Dr. Amaya is a feline-specialized veterinarian with a Diploma in Feline Medicine and a Máster on Veterinary Nutrition. She is also the Junior Vice President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

Dr. Amaya has been working with cats for more than 10 years and has helped more than 500 cats become healthier by bringing nature into their side and putting together the knowledge and art of veterinary medicine and non-conventional therapies.