As a cat mum myself, whilst I have the skills of my profession and all my knowledge and experience with cats, when one of them gets sick, my world crumbles.

Not all colleagues or friends understands what it means to have your feline companion ill. So much different information, treatments, vets and costs.

Because of all this, sometimes I believe it’s not just about knowledge and experience, but also about support and having someone you can trust by your side.

My services have been designed to support you and accompany you in your concerns, empower you as a guardian and share all that I have learnt throughout my career.

Sharing life with a cat SHOULD be a unique experience, and with my help, you will thrive.

You are not alone, I’ll be with you… 

The Heart Cat & Soul Method

Your cat treated as whole until the whole family thrives.


Stating the Problem

This step is all about getting the real diagnosis to your cat’s problem and setting their path to health.

Environmental Enrichment

This step is about making your house comfortable for your cat and your family.

Cat Needs

Understanding how your cat thinks and feels will allow you to understand what your cat needs from you.


Routines and Habits

The next step is to create a routine in your cat’s busy life that fits your whole family.


“May the food be your medicine”. Here we will work on adapting nutrition to allow your cat to thrive.

Guidance & Support

There is no point in doing it only once. This is a journey of constant evolution and we’re here to guide you on that.

Heart, Cat & Soul Method

This unique method is an individual and tailored ongoing program designed to last a minimum of 3 months:

  • To bring your cat to the path to emotional and physical health
  • To strengthen the family bond with your cat/s
  • To bring nature to your side to improve health and nutrition
  • A learning experience for all the cats in your life

I am a mother of cats

and sometimes we need support to solve issues that we may have with our cats. My wish is to guide and support you along the way and to allow your cat to show you the great potential within you.

I work with cat parents that want to enjoy living with their ill cat and provide them the best quality of life possible, giving the support and advice in health, nutrition and behavior that they are missing from conventional medicine.

Inside the Programme

With the Heart, Cat & Soul Method, you receive individual and tailored expert advice and support:

  • Welcome pack
  • Individual 1-to-1 recorded sessions
  • Tailored guidance and support
  • Individual behaviour assessment
  • Strategic Health Plan
  • Nutritional and dietary planning
  • Supplements and herbs for your cat
  • Guidance in the use of plants for health
  • Q&A by email or instant messaging
  • Recorded content,  aditional support material
  • Veterinary support for future consultations (with your own vet)
  • Ongoing email support 
  • Affiliate program




Recommended when:

  • You are not sure if your cat is eating properly
  • You want to formulate a diet
  • Struggle with cats behavior and don’t know what to do
  • You want a holistic point of view on a certain treatment or diagnose
  • I just adquire a cat and I want to do it properly from the start

1-hour Zoom or phone consultation. A report will be sent in the next 48hs with a details guideline


A continuity is recommended to solve the problem.


You can join the HEART, CAT & SOUL program if you choose to do so within 14 days and the first month’s fee will be deducted.


It is recommended for the same areas as the individual consultation but with the following challenges:

  • I want to switch to a more natural diet but it seems impossible
  • My cat refuses to eat anything else but ultraprocessed food
  • My cat is being aggressive
  • My cat is peeing outside the litter box
  • I need help introducing a new member into the family
  • My cat is not taking it’s medication 
  • I want to learn about self-selection


  • 1-hour Zoom or phone consultation
  • Report with treatment and guidelines
  • Ongoing support for a month (Mon-Fri)
  • A special gift for you or your cat

You can join the HEART, CAT & SOUL program if you choose to do so within 14 days and the first month’s fee will be deducted.

"After trying the HCS method more focused on behavioral therapy by natural means, with patience and dedication from all of us for 3 months, we have not only solved the family problem: we have all gained in health and quality of life. And that is priceless."

Valentina, Louis and Frida 

"What I liked the most about Amaya, apart from her infinite knowledge about cats and the feline world, is that she is a very approachable person, who speaks to you without technicalities (as a veterinarian) and with examples so that you can see from your cat's eyes. In our case, the background work is ours, but her help was very useful. My cats are still in the process but they are calmer, there are no more attacks and both have freedom."

Sonia Torres

"Having three cats with such a difference in age (15.9 and 1.5 years) and getting along with each other is not easy. Since my older cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, I have turned to Amaya to help me make the transition to BARF for all three of them and get rid of the kibble once and for all. With the little one there was no problem, but with the other two it was a bit more complex. The help of an expert nutritionist is very useful".

Gerardo Barsi

"My experience with Amaya has been great, my cat Shippo was very reactive, which made him very difficult to handle. I felt lost and didn't know how to approach or manage the situation. Amaya taught me to understand and understand that his aggressiveness came from a disorder; hyperesthesia, and thanks to her guidelines, therapies and recommendations, my cat does not need conventional medication. Now Shippo is much calmer, more affectionate, he is tolerating visitors at home and he is very handsome!

Eva Rubio

"After the experiences with my cats and Amaya, I can only say thank you a thousand times, for your great professionalism and empathy as a person. She accompanied and advised us during several difficult moments, such as Moka's aggressiveness when she came home, Julian's illness, even when we didn't have the desired end she was by our side, and advising us in the subsequent adoption of Mowgly."

Yasmina Yepes

"I have three cats, Amaya has treated them through her therapies and they have improved remarkably. In particular one of them, Carey, suffers from chronic asthma and thanks to her method I have reduced the use of drugs to treat her. Recently we have introduced an adult cat -Dixie-, with behavioral problems, and little by little we are seeing improvement in her attitude towards the rest of the cats, no doubt that it works. Thank you very much Amaya for the time, love and professionalism with which you treat cats and humans."

Marisa López

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Heart Cat & Soul program last for?

The length of the program varies a lot from cat to cat, but the program is designed to be delivered over a minimum period of three months.

Can I focus only in nutrition?

Most of the time, the key to succeed on transitioning food types is taking care of behavior at the same time we are dealing with nutrition. But, if you need just nutritional support I’ve design a 1 month program just for this.

How does the free consultation works?

Once you’ve contacted me, I will schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss your case and how to proceed. It is recommended to send all lab results before the call.

Can I do a single consultation, or do you only run your program?

If we can sort the problem of your cat in one consultation, then we do one consultation instead of the whole program!

What diseases do you treat?

I work both with healthy and sick cats. The majority of cats with illnesses that I work with have renal disease, hyperthyroidism, bowel disease, lymphoma, or several of those diseases combined. 

Do you do home visits?

No, I do not do home visits or home consultations.

Contact Me

If you would like to know more about the Heart, Cat & Soul programme or arrange a free consultation to see what your cat needs help with, contact me.

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